Research Payment Accounts require that all research provider amounts are budgeted down to the clients that benefit from the research generated. Budget Centre is a framework to manage research budgets in a seamless and efficient manner. Budgeting can be approached in numerous ways, including bottom-up, top-down, strategy- and fund-based. This allows for multiple iterations of budgeting while simultaneously factoring in the results of one’s most recent broker reviews.

You are in control of the budgeting methodology, including setting firm-wide caps, and multi-directional budgeting to help you arrive at the best alignment of research value and costs.

Once agreed upon, Budget Centre has a communications module to help inform clients as to the research providers and budgets that are being used on their behalf.

Budget Centre is a member of the RPA Centre suite. One can use this module on its own or in conjunction with any or all of the other members of the suite: Vote Centre and Pay Centre.