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Castine Virtual

Full-Service Commission Aggregation Service for Brokers and Asset Managers

Castine Virtual (“CV”) gives asset managers and brokers the benefits of centralized CSA (soft dollar) trade reconciliation and payment processing, all without requiring sharing trade or research provider information with another broker. Fully automated trade and payment feeds means that the reconciliation and payment processes are simplified for all parties and yields the most accurate balances possible, which is critical when making payments. Payment approval workflows and easy emails to one’s providers and brokers ensures that every step is properly monitored and important payments aren’t accidentally delayed. (Firms interested in direct aggregation can use Castine’s Commander solution to cover all aspects needed.)
Castine Virtual works with every major broker, making it easy for the asset and hedge fund manager and broker alike. It is free to the buy-side and costs brokers less and gives them more than any other service available.

Castine Virtual interfaces with Castine’s Asset Manager Toolkit, which automatically reflects all adjustments and payments made on CV back to the asset manager’s in-house system. The Asset Manager Toolkit includes unparalleled multi-OMS/multi-asset class reporting, budgeting, payments, unbundling, due diligence, research agreement management, document repository, and other time and staff savers.