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RPA Centre

Research Payment Accounts Suite for Research Valuation, Client Budgeting, and Payment Administration

Cloud-based solution for MiFID II planned requirement for detailed client reporting of research budgets. Includes the world’s first N-dimensional research valuation system coupled with a multi-level budgeting process to allocate research budgets to clients at a fund and/or strategy level. Client communications, payments, fund transfers, and CSA unbundling all lead to the simplest way of implementing the complex requirements for RPAs.

RPA Centre has solutions for both the buy-side and for the sell-side.

The buy-side version has four completely autonomous modules that can be used together or in conjunction with existing in-house or 3rd party solutions. Castine’s approach allows customers to use systems that they’re used to or are obligated to continue using. Users can also use RPA Centre’s four modules together to create their own best-of-breed solution for broker and research provider reviews.

The sell-side version is a complete CSA and RPA unbundling and payment authorization system that the broker’s clients can access to upload and/or authorize payments, see balances and trades, and act as a standalone or aggregation-based provider.