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One Company, Many Solutions, One Goal

Castine has a 30+ year history of delivering industry-leading solutions to broker dealers, research providers, asset managers, and hedge funds around the globe, all focused on giving our clients the answers they need to grow and prosper. Castine (formerly known as Cogent), works with over 2,000 firms to provide the highest-level of service with its cloud-based and in-house hosted systems for commission management, research budgeting and payment, compensation, and compliance. Our solutions can be used to solve individual issues, such as tracking CSA balances with clients or brokers, or solve multiple issues with an integrated portal. Our clients represent a “who’s who” of the largest asset managers and brokers, as well as those firms that are rapidly growing to meet their client’s demands and who want to start off with solutions that can scale along with them. Castine operates globally, with teams in New Jersey, London, and Buenos Aires. 

We can  be reached at or at +1 347-4-CASTINE.


  • President

    Robin Hodgkins

    Robin has been involved in the “C3” space – commission management, compliance, and compensation and client profitability – for over two decades. As the primary product strategist for Castine, he has overseen the development of solutions that have become industry leaders in every market sector they support. 

  • Executive Vice President of Sales

    Tom Smith

    Tom is a highly regarded Wall Street sales and marketing professional. Prior to joining Castine, he was Director of Sales at Cogent Consulting, helping to develop it into the largest provider of commission management systems worldwide.


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