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Manage Your Trades and Research Payments Strategically

Keep ahead of what’s going on with your trades, commissions, budgets, and payments with the leading asset manager solution in the marketplace. Rather than dictate to you what you need to run your business, the Asset Manager Toolkit let’s you choose from an integrated set of tools to focus in on the issues that need them. Whether it’s reporting across all your OMS platforms, asset classes, or venues, paying for research out of your P&L or with commissions, aggregation, budgeting, votes, or solving compliance headaches, the Toolkit has it all in one place. Whether you pay for research using P&L or commissions, whether you budget at a firm level or way down in the weeds, the Toolkit gets you to the answers you need to run a smooth operation. From the firm who has done more systems for Top 50 buy-siders than all other providers combined.



Every large asset manager can benefit from Castine’s Aggregated Trade Reporting. Handling over 100 million trades on a sub-second basis removes the barriers encountered when trying to report across multiple OMS data feeds, asset classes, brokers, accounts, currencies, trade types, etc. Scales to over 3b trades.

Trader, operations, and compliance teams can use ATR to do tactical and strategic reports across all their trading activity, without having to wait for programmers or using complex pivot tables. A curated dashboard lets regular users create and run reports themselves instantly and accurately, yielding answers that can be acted on immediately before an opportunity is lost.

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Get a Complete Picture of Trading Across All Asset Classes and Venues

Build on your trading strengths with a cross-platform reporting system that shows you a real picture of all your trading activities. Trade Center collects all trading information from all of your different systems – OMSs, EMSs, spreadsheets, etc – and gives your team the reporting tools to get answers quickly and accurately. No need to wait for experts – let your traders, COO, ops, and others build their own reports without the need for Ph.D’s to figure out what’s being asked for.


Castine Virtual

Multi-Broker Virtual Commission Aggregation

Castine Virtual (“CV”) is a free system that gives you the flexibility to trade with any broker you choose to while simultaneously maintaining complete control and privacy as to your trading and payment patterns. Unlike regular aggregation, where all your brokers send trades to a single broker (and pay for that), CV leaves all your trades with the brokers where you traded. Reconciliation, reporting, and payments round out this incredibly powerful system. 

You can link CV to the Asset Manager Toolkit so all adjustments are automatically reflected in your in-house system and can be reported side-by-side with all of your other trades.


Give Your Team the Tools They Need

Your team needs powerful tools to keep ahead of powerful issues. Go beyond a simple calendar to a unified, team-wide system that tracks all of your compliance tasks, how they’re related, and who’s helping to get things done. Complete delegation management, past due alerts, and sophisticated scheduling keeps everyone on the same page. Linking to policies and procedures and adding in tracking for gifts and entertainment, meetings and ESG commitments, political contributions, DDQs and risk scoring, and trade errors and you have a system that every compliance group can benefit from.