Castine LLC



Compensation, Revenue, and Profitability Reporting

Complete Performance and Compensation System for institutional and retail brokers. Every broker needs a robust and completely reliable tool to identify performance issues for their team and to implement targeted and complex compensation systems. The Commissioner gives management, traders, and financial advisors the tools to view key performance metrics and to track all compensation rules, tiers, hurdles, and overrides, as well as complete expense, draw, and employee loan offsets. Eliminate accidental overpayments and “make goods” while supercharging your team! Portal for employees to view their compensation at any time makes issues at the end of the payment period a thing of the past.


CSA Payment and Aggregation

Expand the services you can offer your clients with the most comprehensive system available. Not only can you now offer CSA (and RPA services for MiFID II clients), you can offer complete aggregation services, reconciliation, and approval workflow for even the most demanding client. Give clients access to their portal to see their results, run trade reports, see statements, and manage payments without tying up your resources. Connections to your clearing and payment systems makes Commander a straight-forward addition to every broker’s list of services for their clients. Let your team focus on client satisfaction and growth!


Expand Your Outsourced Relationships

Open up new client and trading opportunities with Castine’s Outsourced Trading module. Empower your team with a portal for all client agreements, track progress against budgets, and generate invoices and statements. Avoid the operational risk of using spreadsheets to manage this important new growth area while giving your traders access to high-level and granular data. Enhance your client relations with a client portal where they can see where their plan stands 24/7.


Streamline invoicing across all your services

When a broker needs to invoice, whether it’s for a securities lending program, or Outsourced Trading invoice, it can be an onerous, manual process. With Castine’s Invoicing Module, you can turn an operational problem into a corporate success story. The Invoicing module can process different types of invoices, different templates, and different recipients with ease. Linking payments to hard payments or trading is built in, as are statements and links to accounting systems. Smoother invoicing leads to quicker collections!