Broker Dealers and Research Providers 2019-03-20T23:24:35-04:00

Broker Dealers and Research Providers


Compensation, Revenue, and Profitability Reporting

Complete Performance and Compensation System. Every broker needs a robust and completely reliable tool to identify performance issues for their staff (traders, sales teams, and analysts) and to implement targeted and complex compensation systems. The Commissioner accomplishes that through a web portal for management and staff to view key performance metrics and to track all compensation rules, tiers, hurdles, and overrides, as well as complete expense, draw, and employee loan offsets.


Pricing and Invoicing for MiFID II Compliant Brokers and IRPs

Let Castine’s Spinnaker coordinate all of your newly required research pricing activities with your clients. Spinnaker builds and maintains all of your pricing structures, including baskets of services, multi-tiered price points, a la carte pricing, and full bespoke pricing. Client negotiations, budgeting, and invoicing are included, as are links to third party accounting systems. Client service is enhanced with anti-inducement reporting, utilization forecasting, and alerts when spikes in utilization occur. Payments from clients and aggregators are logged within Spinnaker and used to offset aging reports. Spinnaker is completely compatible with Castine’s Commissioner and Commander systems.


CSA Payment and Aggregation

A full-service (and MiFID II-ready) commission management solution designed for US and EU brokers to fulfill their client’s needs around CSA and RPA payments and trade reconcilement. Allows brokers to manage all of their clients in one place, including invoice entry, multi-stage approval, compliance reviews and documentation, and payment generation. Clients have their own portal to review and upload invoices, view balances and activity from their broker or other brokers who have ceded commissions, perform trade reconciliation and invoice approval. Monthly statements can be downloaded or viewed online.